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With a live show LIKE NO OTHER


Our EASY Booking Process

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So you're planning an event...You want people to come and have an awesome time.  

But there's a problem. There are many other happenings grabbing at peoples time and stealing their attention, pulling them away from your event.  

Does your event stand out as the obvious choice? Will People leave your event with a smile and a lifelong memory?  

We understand. It's difficult to make an event stand out and create an experience that your guests will love.

With 100’s of live shows performed, we've been helping make events awesome for over 8 years.

  • Create a lifelong memory
  • Avoid being an event that is overlooked
  • Take your event from inadequate to outstanding

SAFE - FUN - SHOW Guarantee

  • We guarantee that our live show will be SAFE We carry a $1 million dollar liability policy for your protection but never plan on using it 😉
  • We guarantee that our live show will be FUN Your guest will have fun watching a dynamic presentation packed full of amazing shots 😀
  • We guarantee that we will SHOW We will be at your event, ready to perform at showtime, rain or shine ☀️

OR Your Money Back

We provide outdoor events with fun entertainment through one of a kind trick shooting shows that leave guests with an unforgettable experience.